Bailey Bear

Bailey is 2 today. I remember two years ago like it was earlier this afternoon. People tell me you forget Labor. I didn’t. I remember it as the scariest day of my life. I am not talking about the pain, the three days of labor, or the preeclampsia. I am talking about the moment a doctor handed us a 6.6 pound nugget and told me I was a mother. Petrified is an understatement. Sheer terror doesn’t explain it. I was afraid I wasn’t ready. Mike told me I was. He slept in a chair not built for a man of his stature, and made friends with the nurses to ensure I had a plentiful juice supply. He helped deliver Bailey. He was confident, happy, and didn’t doubt me, or us, for a moment. I owe him my life for his confidence in me. Now, two years later, I can say she is the best thing I have ever done. The reason for being here. Sweet, boisterous, and always making us laugh, we can thank her for our daily reality check. Happy Birthday beautiful Baileyana. We love you, and appreciate you making us people we can be proud of.


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One thought on “Bailey Bear

  1. Happy birthday to your little girl. I remember that terror myself – the first night home with our older daughter, standing in the living room late at night and walking with her to keep her sleeping. That realization that it was go time will never leave me.

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