Spiders are singing in the salty breeze.

Not the actual spider

I haven’t washed my car in months. I have a fuzzy recollection of visiting a car wash sometime recently but I have a sneaking suspicion that my wife washed my car the last time out of pity/frustration. This conduct doesn’t exactly jibe with North Countycar culture. Dirty vehicles stand out— not in a good way.
For various reasons washing the car doesn’t rank too high in my priorities. I lived in places with highly variable climates. I’m not much of a car person. I theoretically have better things to do. All of those reasons attempt to mask the primary reason: laziness. But I have a new reason. The spider.

I have never seen the spider. By all appearances, the spider lives in my driver’s side mirror. My wife has seen the spider and described it thusly, “It’s huge and hairy and scary”. This only makes me like it more. She saw it at night, when using my car. It had crept out of the housing of the mirror but scurried back when she approached the car.

I do see the spider’s handiwork in the mornings when I get in the car. My driver’s side mirror is usually covered with a web. Sometimes it is a fusion of prior webs that I used to knock off at the gas station but now I leave alone. I have come to find them quite beautiful. Sometimes there is no new web. For a couple of days I watch the old web flap as it is buffeted on the freeway wondering if the spider is in the mirror just hanging out.
In fact, I spend quite a bit of time while driving, speculating about the spider. Does the shape of the mirror push the air around the housing so things are calm in there? Does it set a strategic trap on the mirror but live in the palms next to the driveway? Is there a dead spider carcass sitting in the mirror? Right about the time I am making my peace with the fact that the spider is gone but the fond memories will remain, there is a web on my mirror again. I caution myself that although the spider is my road dog and has traveled a couple of thousand miles with me he won’t be here forever. Then I smile because the spider makes me happy and I’m not entirely sure why.

Post-script: After a few weeks the web disappeared. I kinda miss him.

From Mari:

Mike told me listening to me telling the story of seeing our friend was priceless. These are the times he wishes he would have had video. What he didn’t tell you is the following:
I was at the airport. Just getting back from a business trip, I was actually excited to see how our spider friend had spent 5 days, stationary. He had done amazing work, and was out, ready to display his skills. He was fucking HUGE. So hairy. So Scary. But, I knew Mike loved him, and I got into the car, hoping this magnificant beast would not choose his revenge of wrecking his web on me. Mike laughed at me when I told him about it.

Last week, Mike got into his car, and a huge spider ran up his leg. He shoock it off- He would never kill an ant, let alone a spider. “SHIT, Mari, a huge spider just went up my leg, into my shorts!” I laughed, and told him the huge spider might have been his road dog. He admitted our special friend had been gone for almost a week, so it wasn’t him.
I’m with Mike. He was special. But now I can detail his car.

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2 thoughts on “Spiders are singing in the salty breeze.

  1. Spiders give me the heebejeebees

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