Are we ready?


Scared. We are going public today. We have talked about it, pipe dreamed/wine dreamed but we weren’t sure our musings would go live. I am so excited, because it will motivate us to write more. The point of our blog is to merge a crazy, articulate, internet trolling man, with his wife. A wife, who has a career, a charity, a child, a lot to say, and MOST IMPORTANT, will argue his points. Sometimes I will celebrate them, other times I will battle him. I do not have his internet prowess; however, I have watched, and made fun of his ardor. Perhaps I will help to even out our discussion. Or not. I will probably be crucified, but I am willing to hear the nay sayers as long as I can argue, and sometimes agree, with the hubs. Take it for what it is.


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3 thoughts on “Are we ready?

  1. pipe dream/wine dream. Nice work honey.

  2. Fired up to see where you guys go. And love that you’re doing this.

  3. Thanks Mitch..xo We are excited. Mike will be angry, i will be ambivalent until he messes w me…come visit soon??

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