Header of Happiness

Apparently, it is my job to “snazz up” our blog site.  I had no idea how difficult it would be to commit to a design, let alone a headlining picture.  After all, if Ranchandsyrup were solely my own, it would be pink, with some sort of animated glitter background.  Add a few puppies, unicorns,  possibly a rainbow and VOILA! Mari Masterpiece completed.  However, since this is shared, and Mike is not of the pink persuasion, I have had to break out of my usual preferences.  Mike is minimalist, couch, TV and a bed type of guy.  When we met, my bathroom was pink boa feathers and soap dispensers in the shape of hot pink high heels.  You get the picture.

After reviewing the design and headlining photo, I can’t help but think it looks like corporate stock art.  The type of picture ordered for a dentist’s office or a mid range hotel chain.  Why? Because it is so damn picturesque.  This image isn’t stolen from a Quality Inn wall, but rather a very real, important picture to Mike and I.   It was taken in Pismo Beach, on our wedding day, moments before we arrived.  The day  was cold, and beautiful, and the most inspiring place to say “I do” we could find.  Moments after the ceremony, it began raining and didn’t stop until the following day.  My wedding dress has mud stains to prove it.  What a glorious day, and a fitting header.


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