Shuffle up and deal

From time to time Mari or I will go to our ipod, phone, other music player, or computer, hit shuffle and write a bit about what comes up.  I promise we will not cheat.  If the song is embarrassing, we will still post.

Madvillain — Great Day

Madvillain is a collaboration between DOOM f/k/a MF DOOM and the producer Madlib.  Madlib provides some truly weird beats cribbed from old cartoons and DOOM brings his intricate rhyming style and aversion to choruses.  It is verse, verse, verse, verse, done.  I found out about Madvillain from a list that Thom Yorke posted on the Radiohead site of what he was listening to.

This isn’t one of their best songs.  But, it does use an awesome songwriting tool:  deceptive resolution.  Basically, deceptive resolution is a way to negate a person’s brain from completing a rhyming couplet or verse by not rhyming.  Your brain guesses what the lyric will be because it should rhyme.  When it doesn’t it is a weird sensation.  A good example is from Mr. Brightside by the Killers:

Now they’re going to bed.  And my stomach is sick.  And it’s all in my head.  But she’s touching his chest…….

The Killers smartly used this on a song that got a lot of airplay to avoid being censored.

Madvillain uses the technique as follows:

Last wish, I wish I had two more wishes
And I wish they fixed the door to the Matrix’s mad glitches
Spit so many verses sometimes my jaw twitches
One thing this party could use is more..

Love it.

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