Eek a Mouse

I have a love/hate relationship with mice. They have been plaguing me for our last two houses (and beyond). Those of you who read this can look forward to many more posts. I have an ongoing saga resembling a sitcom with my mouse friends. My issue with mice is I think they are cute. I had rats and mice as a child and enjoy them. However, I don’t like wild rodents in my house. I know why. They are quick, and leave poop. They also eat our food and I feel confident they aren’t sanitary. I wish they would pop in, get what they need, then leave. Today, they didn’t leave.

This morning, I went into our food cupboard and a mouse was there. It was unsettling, but it was so early I chose to close the cupboard, shake it off, and make coffee. After all, I am a reasonable lady… just close the door and hope our furry face friend goes away! Shortly thereafter, Bailey beckoned me to color at her table. Coffee in hand, I abided. While she is coloring, a mouse ran down the hallway, paused at the kitchen and chose to venture to our guest room. I freaked out. I picked up Bailey and went upstairs, where Mike was sleeping. “MIKE, WAKE UP!!!!” He was slow to wake, and asked me what the issue was. I explained, ”OMG, WE HAVE MICE IN THE HOUSE AGAIN!”. He was not excited about my emotion, and was annoyed. He couldn’t figure out why I would wake him up to tell him about mice. WTF? I expected him to jump up, hug me, and tell me it was going to be ok. It did not go as planned.

For some reason I turn into a squeaking woman when it comes to mouse issues. I am normally rational. I’m an animal lover, mother, and have a career However, when I see a mouse run across the floor I turn into a screaming girl who needs her man to deal with it. I am confused and embarrassed about my emotion. After all, we have 3 dogs, why should I be opposed to a mouse?

Mike was annoyed. Have I not mentioned he is the antithesis of a morning person? Not only did I wake him up, but I told him about the mouse (or mice) in our house. For some perverse reason, he thinks he is to blame. He gets upset when anything is wrong, and somehow feels it may be his fault. This attribute drives me insane. Instead of understanding my fear, he was defensive. He wanted to know how he could provide, financially, to avoid mice. Honestly, I was confused and thoughts of support should be happening. Instead, I am the asshole. We were on the verge of a fight. But Mike said something awesome:
“Babe, when you wake me up to talk about a mouse, what do you want me to do? Do you want me to throw on my mouse slaying cape, fly downstairs, and wrestle it with my bare hands? Am I super-mouse-man?? What the fuck was your plan?? He explained to me (sarcastic and pissy), traps cannon be set until nighttime because of our dogs and baby. He questioned me about my expectations prior to the evening and wanted answers. I didn’t have any.

I had to laugh. Honestly, what was I expecting? Did I think Mike would jump up, put on his cape and run downstairs to avenge the guilty mouse party? When he said it, I realized I was being dumb. I was embarrassed.

Later that day, we were at the store, and I reminded him we needed mouse traps. He wanted to know what happened to our reusable mouse traps….

I told him,” Babe- there was hair and guts on them. So gross, so I threw them away” He was fine with the remnants of hair and guts and dismayed I had chosen to dispose of them. I recommended using disposable traps from here out, because I am not excited about the aforementioned. Grudgingly, he complied.
We locked the dogs in our room, Mike laid the traps, and guess what?? NOTHING
To be continued……

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2 thoughts on “Eek a Mouse

  1. The Breezy on said:

    I request a blog post about the thanksgiving mice debacle 🙂

  2. Yes. It will happen.

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