Welcome to the Jungle

I couldn’t help but take a picture of our little monsters today. Elway was fortunate to skip the monthly trip to the puppy salon, but Lucy and Bianca couldn’t avoid it. They look so angelic- However, anyone who is familiar with our furry faced crew is familiar with Lucy nipping strangers, and Bianca being a defiant middle child.

Since moving, it has become clear Mike and I are the youngest people, by at least 30 years on our street. We are also the only couple with a child, and definitely the only resident housing three dogs. Thus far, no one knows. We have tried to downsize to two dogs, we really have. However, we haven’t found a perfect home for our middle furry face, and are somewhat resigned to the fact we will be a home of three pups and a boisterous two year old. In Oceanside, this wasn’t a problem. Oceanside doesn’t have a city run dog program, and the preferred breed is Pit bulls. They also opted against sidewalks, so non neutered, balls hanging, pit bulls, complete with chain collars, roam the streets.

Our new neighborhood is so quiet, I have actually been able to pinpoint the one home with pre teens, who skate board in the streets at dusk (Surely, to the abhorration of the HOA). In case you are wondering, it is one street down, and three houses to the left. Honestly, I can’t believe the management company allowed us to move in. After living here a few days, Mike came to me and said, “Babe, there are a LOT of elderly people in our neighborhood. We should probably figure out a game plan….” We agreed the “kill them with kindness” route would be the best path, and I have worked to meet almost everyone on our street, with my brightest, girl next door smile, complete with pony tails and sun dresses. When I give my contact information, I give them my charity business card, including a summary of my involvement, and passion for the nonprofit organization I am part of. I am trying to steer clear of an in depth description of my day job. After all, hiring beautiful women to pour liquor down people’s throats is not necessarily an admirable profession to the retired.

Today, I met our across the street neighbor. Very sweet, but also informed me she is the President of the HOA, and looks forward to getting to know my family. Seriously? Not only did I manage to move us into a community of 90% retired people, the President lives across the street. I am fairly sure I blanched when I found out, and realized we may be in over our head. Honestly, I have no clue how we are going to pull this off. My only saving grace is the fabulous charity I work on, and I mentioned it during our discourse. Not surprising, our new President neighbor works on fundraising for women and children’s organizations and was ecstatic to know my involvement. She actually asked if our group would want to speak at her next luncheon, as they are very interested in learning more. WHEW… For now, my ponytail, and charitable endeavors are saving us.

It is day 5 of us living here. We shall see how long it lasts.


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