Here we go again. Same old argument.

I absolutely love the rhetorical technique that Pastor Phil Snider uses in the above video. He illustrates how easy it is to fall back on previously rejected arguments but pretend that somehow a new context rescues the flaws of those arguments. The line about “being on the wrong side of history” is very powerful and caps off the performance.

I don’t necessarily believe that facing up people who oppose equal rights for LGBT people with the fact that they support the same failed rationale that failed in a segregation context will change everyone’s minds. That would be an unreasonable goal. If it heightens self-awareness with only a few people, I think it would be a success.

The other thing that makes it work for me is that it is a Pastor saying this. A while back I wrote about “deceptive resolution” here and this is a similar concept. When the Pastor started speaking and I heard the subject matter, my mind immediately filled in a conclusion for me that this would be the usual religious take on the issue. The “surprise” shattered my expectations.

Good for you Pastor Phil. Good for you.

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