Can you keep a secret?

No Secrets

Can you keep a secret? I can’t, and why should I? Wait.  Allow me to preface my statement.  I am not talking about the BFF secrets we take to the grave.  I can keep those….. and boy do I know some good ones!

I am speaking of the awesome tips one learns by stumbling upon the best taco shop in town.  The beauty trick your hairdresser shares to make tangles a breeze! Or the fragrance you accidentally purchase that makes your house smell amazing! You get the picture.

People are always saying, “Don’t tell anyone about this awesome spot”, or “shhh, it’s my [insert beauty/apparel/cooking/intellect] secret! I don’t want anyone to know!”

People who know me will vouch I am an open book.  I will tell my girlfriends just about anything, and some of my closest friends I met during a phone interview, the beach, the bar.. heck, even Craigslist (Yes, Lane, I’m talking about you).

Since I don’t believe in keeping secrets to make your life easier, prettier,and  less complicated, I have decided to start a series on fun tips and tricks I find.  I am hoping my little tidbits will encourage my readers to come forward and share their “secrets”. I love learning about ways to save time, while eating fabulous, looking great and feeling pretty phenomenal.  I am really excited about this segment, and hope my friends and readers will find them useful, or at the very least, entertaining!   🙂 Mari


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