Don’t EVER stumble into bad lighting!


Any girl knows stumbling into bad lighting can be a disaster.  Lighting can dramatically increase one’s overall attractiveness, or gruesomely point out nasty flaws.

There is a reason bars and restaurants have dim lighting, and utilize the warm light bulbs that bump up the natural complexion.  “Beer goggles” are not the only culprit of overestimating a person’s appearance, it is the perfect illusion of cleverly angled light bulbs.  For those of us who have made the mistake of staying until the bar turns on the fluorescent lights, we know what awaits.  The God/Goddess in front of you transforms with the click of one horrific light switch, and hopefully saves you from making a one night stand blunder.  Now that I think about it, everyone should have to stop and stand in fluorescent lighting before making the decision to pursue their new bar friend.

However, I am getting off topic.  My latest, “just the tip” pointer is how to have fabulous lighting in your home with minimal effort!

Recently, I had some friends over, and a few commented on how great the ambiance in my house was, and asked how I keep up with the candles.  My reply? Flameless, AUTOMATIC, candles!

I know, flameless candles have been around for a long time, but did you know there is a fabulous subset of flameless candles that turn on every 24 hours for a duration of 4-5 hours?  About a year ago, I stumbled upon these faux flame gems and am thrilled.  Flameless candles as a whole are pretty cool.  Most obvious, is the safety of not worrying about the wax or burning down the house.  But, they are also great because you can put them anywhere, and weather or children are not determining factors! Wind? no problem! Tiny hands? Not an issue!

The PROBLEM with flameless candles is the annoyance of turning them all on, individually, and remembering to turn them off to avoid replacing the batteries.  Or, the super cheesy remote control type, which might as well coincide with Marvin Gay and a clap on style fireplace.

This brings us to the genius of timer flameless candles.  I have about 25 of them, throughout my house, and they turn on automatically at dusk, and magically turn off four hours later.  It is absolutely brilliant.  The best part? You can put candles in places you can’t normally reach; the spot usually collecting dust bunnies and holds old books- This is a picture of the top shelf of our bookshelf in our family room…. what would you do with this spot, so as not to mess with the air vent? Not to mention, it is up too high for me to reach without a ladder. Voila, Flameless candles!!


In addition, I found a site that sells tea lights on timer.. let me tell you, tea lights on a timer is NOT an easy find… I am not sure why, but I have yet to find a store that sells them.

Virtually every home I have walked into is guilty of at least ONE decorative tea light candle holder, gathering dust, because who actually uses them?  ME!! teehee! Every night, this little candle holder blazes with soft lighting in a shelf.


I have the tealights in various candle holders throughout my house, and even in our bedroom.  We may be watching Shark Week right now, but candles are illuminating the mantle 🙂

Candles are the perfect way give the illusion of exceptional attention to detail.   With automatic timers, it can be an easy, relatively inexpensive way to warm up any room.

If this is something you think would be a great addition to your apartment/home/boat/trailer, here are a few tips to make it happen:

1. If the candles come with a timer, it will be clearly advertised on the box.  If it doesn’t specifically boast, “timer”, they won’t have it. Promise. I have returned many flameless beauties after realizing the timer option wasn’t on the bottom.

2. The timer candles tend to run a bit more expensive, and aren’t usually on sale.  It’s ok, its worth it.  Think of the batteries and time you will save!

3. With mention of batteries, I have found they need to be replaced about every 2 months- watch your local stores for sales on batteries, and buy the large container, since they all run out of batteries at the exact same time.

4. Tea lights are the most fun flameless timer candles, because you can put them virtually anywhere. Since they are smaller, they tend to run out quicker, and require a different type of battery.  You can find them on Amazon cheap, or just about anywhere, just make sure you take it with you. The disk batteries come in a bunch of different serial numbers, and I have purchased the wrong one.  Turns out, the hearing aid disks do not work for tea lights.

I bought my tea light candles here, about a year ago…


Notice how they boast the timer?

Happy illuminating!!

xo Mari


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6 thoughts on “Don’t EVER stumble into bad lighting!

  1. Thanks for the post on lighting. Nice tips. Lighting can make us feel overwhelming.
    Outdoor Landscape Lighting – Trisha superstore re-defines the concept of shopping by its classy, chic and consumer friendly interiors which allow the shoppers to move around and absorb what is on offer to shop.

  2. Thank you a wonderful idea. I love candle(light), now I can have it minus the risk. Must check out the local shops.
    Ta Deb

  3. Thanks for a wonderful idea. I am lover of candle(light) & now risk free way to use them. Must check local shops. Do you take you batteries to be properly disposed, saves the landfill from toxic waste I understand.
    Many thanks, Deb

  4. Hi Deb,
    Thanks for a great thought! Honestly, I had never thought about the battery disposal. I will do some research!
    Best, M

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