Shuffle up and deal

The Raveonettes — Love in a Trashcan

Hi, y’allz. Sorry for the lack of posting. We added another baby girl condiment to our condiment tray so exciting times around our house. We’ll be back with inane (mine) and useful (Mari’s) posts shortly.

So, this is the only song by the Raveonettes that I have on any of my devices. I’m thinking that’s a shame and I should do some more digging. I find Sharon Foo to be quite lovely. šŸ™‚ Now to the music itself….. I love the interplay between the jangly guitars (I’m fairly on record with my love for the jangle) and the xylophone as well as the harmonizing between the two vocalists. Also, love the unexpectedly cool guitar solo.

This song has kind of a Velvet Underground feel (R.I.P. Lou Reed), which is a bonus for me. I have seen the video described as “an early 60’s cosmetic commercial”, which I sorta get. I can’t tell if they deliberately misstated some of the “slogans” such as “Sneak a Peak” or whether that’s due to the band and the director being Belgian.

Lyrics are short so I’m putting them all here:

If you touch that girl, you know it’s okay
People say she’s a whore anyway
I think she looks like a nice vamp
Looking for love in a trashcan

If you kiss that girl, you won’t be caught dead
She’s the coolest girl you think you ever met
I think she fits right into my life
On the road till the end of time
On the road till the end of time

Now the time is right and you feel the need
To go down low and receive a treat
The jukebox churns out songs about sex
Come on baby you’re my best fix
Come on baby you’re my best fix

Love, love in a trashcan
Love, love in a trashcan

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