Shuffle Up and Deal

Deerhunter — Nothing Ever Happened

Deerhunter is one of those that I have polarized feelings about. I either really like or dislike their songs. This is a song I really like (which stands to reason as it occupies space on my ipod/phone). I’ve seen the song described as the song to play for people who don’t think they like Deerhunter. I find that interesting because this song was not written by the creative force behind Deerhunter (and Atlas Sound), Bradlee Cox. Instead it was written by the bassist, Josh Fauver. So it differs somewhat from typical Deerhunter fare.

I tend to think of this song as a two or three different song ideas crammed together. There is a distinction between the initial portion and choruses and the remainder of the song which is really an extended jam with each instrument taking a turn. So I want to say it’s like The Beatles’ Happiness is a Warm Gun or Radiohead’s Paranoid Android. Those comparisons may be a bit forced.

Check it out. 🙂 If you like it, I’m also partial to Never Stops and Helicopter.

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