Shuffle up and Deal

The National — Sea of Love

I resisted liking The National for some time. Resisted them even though I admitted to myself that I liked a bunch of their songs. Eventually I got around to asking myself why I was resisting them and it came down to the stupidest of all reasons: Some people that I am not fans of or actively dislike were singing the praises of the National (and rightfully so) and I transferred my dislike to the band. Poor choice.

Sea of Love was the song that made me ask myself why I didn’t like them. I love the arrangement, the tempo, and the urgency embedded in the song. The chorus bored into my skull like a superheated drill bit:

Hey Jo sorry I hurt you, but they say love is a virtue don’t they?

Been on both sides of that equation and there is a lot of tough-to-come-by wisdom in there.

I heartily encourage you to check them out. Cool video for this song too.

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3 thoughts on “Shuffle up and Deal

  1. I still go through phases in which everybody but The Band sounds like crap. That’s starting to happen with The National.

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