Now that my hangover has worn off I am starting to think about New Year’s Resolutions.  I know, I know, they are typically cliché, but I try to pick resolutions that make sense to my life,and actually stick with them.  For example, I would never resolve to “get in shape” or “only drink on the weekends”.  Those resolutions are just silly for me and would never work out.  Instead, I like to think of attainable healthy goals that will enhance my life and my family.

Last year my resolution was “Vices in moderation, love in excess”.  I was pregnant by February.. needless to say, my resolution was met 😉  My vices were certainly in moderation, and love was definitely in excess!

This year’s resolution is a bit different.  My resolution is “Celebrate and Integrate”.  My last week of maternity leave is next week, and I find myself conflicted. For the past 3 months I have been home with the girls. I have play doh’ed, baked, cleaned, cooked, breastfed, hosted and wined in the afternoons (Thanks Megan J).  I know the last time our newborn pooped, every cute saying my toddler has said for the past month has been shared and documented, and my Christmas cards went out on time. It has been fabulous. However, I think I am ready for the integration.

For me, working allows me to integrate into the adult world successfully.  Work is not only an outlet for me to use my brain; it also makes me feel valuable as a woman.  Also, I like having something to talk about other than mommy stuff 🙂 I can’t wait to integrate back into this world, and most important reconnect with girlfriends I have neglected (Especially Charlynne-EEEK).

This year, I strive to celebrate the little successes.  When you have two little girls and three dogs, times get a bit chaotic.  I plan to celebrate my husband, my girls, and my furry faces’ victories. As a mom successes come in small doses and are easily ignored.  Something as simple as a long nap should be celebrated! Too often the successes of a day are ignored and we find oneself dwelling on the little defeats.

Speaking of celebrating little successes, I should probably go kiss my husband for cleaning the puppy pee/poop that surely happened this morning-I didn’t see any!

Happy New Year!!

xo Mari


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3 thoughts on “Resolving.

  1. Aww I love our wine afternoons! And I love your resolution! I think we all have so many little things worth celebrating that too easily get looked over. I’m going to make it a point to celebrate the little things as well :)….like Tuesdays/Thursdays hehehe XO!

  2. My first day back to work is on Tuesday. Your post helped me articulate one of the things I’m struggling with – which is that my ambitions at work and my ambitions at home have no obvious common ground. My career (which I have always loved) and my baby (who I love more than I ever knew was possible) have entered the thunderdome. I can’t get my head around a way to integrate these two worlds successfully. Hopefully I will find clarity soon.

    • Deborah, this is my second return from maternity leave. Upon getting ready to go back to work my first time I was conflicted. I was really excited to go back to work, but also felt guilty- wondering if I should feel excited, and if staying home was best for my child. However, going back to work was the best thing for my family. Enjoying your work helps to keep a great balance. Good luck on your first week back!

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