Shuffle up and deal

Ambulance LTD — Stay Where You Are

Until I just did some research, I had no idea where these guys were from (Spanish Harlem via Ohio) or whether they were still a group (sort of). I did know a few things, though:

First, this is one heck of a pop song. Obvious Beatles influence. The arrangement and harmonies are beautiful.

Second, As much as I have enjoyed this song over the past decade, I never felt the urge to go seek out other Ambulance LTD songs. I think this is because I didn’t want to figure out that they’re a one hit wonder. Without searching, I’ll never know.

Third, I HATE songs with long intros/outros. HATE is not too strong of a word here. I don’t have the patience, apparently, to wait for a long meaningless intro. In fact, I almost missed out on one of my favorite songs (Meat Grinder by Madvillain) because I always hit skip instead of forwarding through the intro. Maybe it’s my fat fingers, but I have some difficulties with sliding the bar on my phone to forward through the intros, especially if I’m doing something else like driving. So, artists, please refrain from this practice. Make the intro a separate song. Please. /endrant

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2 thoughts on “Shuffle up and deal

  1. AHH!! Long intros make me crazy- LCD Dance Yrself Clean does that to me every time… just when I am going to change the song it kicks in and I remember how much I love it!

    • oooooh, that’s a good song honey. I hope it comes up on the shuffle someday so I can write about it. That reminds me, let’s watch the documentary about LCD Soundsystem.

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