Shuffle Up and Deal

Cavern — Liquid Liquid

Sometimes the ol’ shuffle comes up meh.  Cavern is the song that Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five used for their seminal hip hop classic, White Lines (Don’t Do It).  For White Lines, the Sugar Hill Gang’s backing band covered the bass line from Cavern and Grandmaster Flash took some of the lyrics from Liquid Liquid, notably, “slippin in and out of phenomenon.”

Liquid Liquid’s record label took Grandmaster Flash’s label (Sugarhill Records) to court over the use of the song and after a protracted and expensive legal battle, Liquid Liquid prevailed.  They were unable to collect on the judgment, however, as Sugarhill Records went into receivership.

For me, the song is interesting in a historical context.  There is a reversal of roles in the old music industry “white musicians stealing from black musicians” fight.  But the song itself is just OK.  Insanely catchy bass line, some ok bongos and frequently unintelligible lyrics = middle of the road for me.

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