Ranch and syrup don’t necessarily sound like they go together but they do. I’m not suggesting that anyone should mix equal parts in a pint glass and chug. If someone oes choose to do that, make sure to video it and upload to YouTube. But I digress. I was made a believer at the Denny’s on the corner of Garnet and Mission Bay at some ungodly hour of the night. Do we want breakfast? Do we want appetizers? One of each? French toast and mozzerella sticks? Sounds great. The admittedly unhealthy balance of salt and sweet and ranchy-ness is a welcome surprise before we say goodnight to Irina the flower lady and walk home. We balance each other in the same way as the two condiments but you wouldn’t necessarily think we’d go together.

So one of us must be the ranch and the other the syrup, then? Not necessarily.
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Maybe I’m the fat parts of both and my wife is the lovely and delicious parts?

What do we want from this experience? I can’t speak for Marianne, but I will endeavor to do the following: shamelessly steal ideas and content from much better writers (sometimes with attribution), expose myself to criticism from my peers and generally try to make some sense of a nonsensical world. I’m serious about the feedback. I’m looking for feedback and not validation (I have a post on this coming up soon). Mari and I have discussed doing some different topics together. We encourage anyone who would like to guest post about anything to do so.

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