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I’m not crying.


Happy Saturday!

I have been getting great feedback on my “I bought this series” and am so glad ūüôā

My latest.. for your purchasing pleasure ūüôā

Product: Onion goggles


Cost: $20.00 (19.95 on Amazon, free shipping if you are a Prime member)

Who Should buy it:

1. People who cry with onions (obviously)

2. People who think their kitchen is awesome and invite others over to cook

3. Anyone who is dating someone who likes to cook

Why it is fabulous:

As a teenager my mom stayed home (my dad retired when I was 15, so actually they both stayed home. But today isn’t about my dad). ¬†She was one of the lucky few who was able to be a homemaker mainly because my dad was ten years older and made solid financial decisions. ¬†I didn’t think it was a big deal but my girlfriends always wanted to come to my house. ¬†They talked about how my mom was “cool” and always had food for us. ¬†I didn’t get it. ¬†At the time I thought my mom must have been so bored cooking and cleaning and just hanging around the house. I used to wonder what she did all day and felt sorry for her (HA! Boy was I ever clueless). ¬†I remember thinking I would never want to cook for a man and spent years avoiding the kitchen. ¬†Fast forward 20 years and I LOVE cooking especially for Mike. ¬†Who knew? ¬†I really enjoy finding a recipe and spicing it to my families preference. With one exception. ¬†Onions make me CRY. I am not talking about shedding a lone tear. I am referring to the searing burn and perpetual stream just looking at an onion gives me. It is horrible since virtually every recipe calls for an onion. ¬†I wince at the words “finely chopped onion”.

A few months ago my friend asked me why I didn’t have onion goggles.


It thought it was a hoax. However with a quick google I found they indeed existed. Bonus? I could purchase them in my mantra color pink and charitable contributions ensued.

When my onion goggles I was excited albeit dubious. I decided to make a dish requiring a crap load of onions and put on my goggles.  Bring on the onion!!

I did not well up. I did not shed a tear. My nose did not stuff up. ¬†I don’t understand how these goggles work but they do. ¬†Since purchasing them I have taken over the onion duties in my house and am continually impressed. ¬†Plus, I look super sexy.

Need I say more? Buy the onion goggles!! ūüėČ

xoxo Mari



I Bought it. You should too.


Since beginning my “Just the tip” series, I have had quite a few people tell me they really like it. ¬†Apparently, homes have much better lighting (See this post) tangles are manageable (Click for tangles)¬†and people are faking the hell out of entertaining¬†(Click for hosting tips).

To be honest, I would love to sit around and dole out tips but between my job, kiddos and furry faces I don’t have much free time. ¬†It’s not that I don’t want to blog… it’s just that no one has begun paying me to advise on avoiding bad lighting.

Allow me to introduce my newest series, ¬†“I bought it. You Should too.”

I am constantly finding products that WOW me and I want to share my fab findings! Luckily these awesome products do most of the work for me so it takes a lot less verbiage. ¬†You never know… maybe one of the brands will love me so much they will pay me crazy amounts of money to talk about them ūüėČ ¬†Until then, my “I bought it” series is purely my non sponsored opinion. Which brings me to my first blog about products.

Product: Pledge Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner – antibacterial Citrus Scent


Cost: About 5 Dollars

Who should buy it:

1. People who don’t like having 5 different types of cleaning products

2. College and 20 somethings who don’t have extra money for non essentials

3. Germaphobes

4. People who have a kitchen and a bathroom

Why it is fabulous:

Today Mike and Bailey (our toddler) spent the afternoon at the park. ¬†Our 6 month old fell asleep before they left and I had the next few hours to myself. ¬†As boring as it sounds I was thrilled to have time to catch up on cleaning while listening to music not deemed G rated. Before you roll your eyes I drank wine throughout my cleaning session. ¬†My biggest goal was to clean our guest bathroom. ¬†Last week our bathroom had flooded necessitating a full demolition of the counters. ¬†I am not exaggerating. ¬†I had a crew of people in the bathroom for two full days ripping out every tile to find the leak then laying concrete and tiling a new countertop. ¬†Everything has been put back together but the bathroom mirror and floors had a layer of dirt. ¬†I started with bleaching the sinks, toilet and counter. ¬†After everything had been thoroughly disinfected I moved on to the mirrors. ¬†UGH. No window cleaner in the house. ¬†Frustrated, I began looking through everything I had and decided on a whim to try the Pledge multi surface. ¬†I was VERY dubious it would work even if it boasted windows on the front. ¬†Holy awesomeness it worked AMAZING and there is not one streak on the mirror. I am so impressed. ¬†When I think of Pledge I think of wood surfaces. In fact, I purchased this product and have only been using it on wood areas. ¬†I am super excited to have a spray that is not only antibacterial but truly works on all surfaces. I tried it on my stainless steel stove top and POOF – no streaks! ¬†This is a must have ūüôā AND, its antibacterial!

Happy Pledging!!

xo Mari

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