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Honey Boo Hoo

Seriously Honey Boo Boo??

I am so sad… the infatuation with watching this train wreck “reality show” breaks my heart. 

Recently, strangers have been asking us if our daughter has highlights.  I don’t mean one person; we have actually had multiple people ask us if we have highlighted our daughter’s hair. She is 2! We have been appalled that people would look at our toddler and think we would highlight her hair.  I can only deem this as the “Honey Boo Boo” era.  I am so sad that people are actually watching this show, and using it as some semblance of real life.  The Onion did a great article…


Seriously friends…is this cool?  Please tell me it isn’t. Celebrating children who are coerced by their under achieving mothers should not be revered.  I am ashamed, if our society is celebrating Honey what’s her name and her obese mother.  In the pageant world, our two year old daughter needs veneers, a spray tan, makeup, and a personality coach.  I don’t want any of this for her, and I would hope other parents wouldn’t either.

Tonight, Chelsea Handler had Miley Cyrus on her show, and she talked about how much she loves Honey Boo Boo.  Granted, Miley is a redneck, with a shaved head, who was pimped by her own father.  Nonetheless, I still don’t understand the fascination with this abominable toddler.  Are people actually watching this?

I would love to know the reason behind the fascination.  Please, comment; tell me your thoughts regarding pros and cons of Honey Boo Boo- I just don’t get it, and would love your thoughts….

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