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I’m Sean Connery, James Bonding with none of you

My favorite recurring sketch on Saturday Night Live is Celebrity Jeopardy.  I realize this doesn’t exactly make me unique.  I make up for this with fervent fandom.  My buddy Greg got me an outstanding shirt that lists some classic Celebrity Jeopardy categories.  Whenever I wear it (sorry can’t find pic) I get at least one remark from a rando in public.  Thanks for the shirt, Greg!  My brother-in-law Robbie graciously made me a CD (way back when) that had all of the audio files.  Still have it in my car and still laugh at it.

Despite all of the love I have for the sketch, I managed to miss the 3 hour SNL 40th Anniversary show AND neglect to DVR it.  Because I’m smart like that.  My friend Andy that knows I love the sketch even texted me to let me know it was on and I completely flailed. Thanks for the effort, Andy. Good looking out.

The lesson, as it frequently is here, is that I’m a moran moron.
moranHere’s a picture verifying this.

So, I ventured online to see what I could see and have been watching snippets. But the coolest thing I found was Norm MacDonald talking about the history of Celebrity Jeopardy and what it was like helping to write the Celebrity Jeopardy sketch for SNL 40. Well worth your time to read through it. Here’s a storify link, which is much easier to read than when using twitter. I learned a lot from it. Check it out and let us know what you think. 🙂

Here’s the skit from SNL 40:

thanks again Andy G for linky!


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